Long time no see!

I’ve kept this website since my last post in June 2016, but only used the webserver for some ad-hoc projects.

Since a lot of stuff have happened recently, I think its time to start blogging a little again, and explain and illustrate some of the cool projects I have been working on.

But just to briefly sum up, the following have happened since my last blog post:

* I started my masters thesis: A monte-carlo study on the robustness of NN’s (Aug 2016)
* I finished my masters thesis (Jun 2017)
* I started working as a Consultant (Jun 2017)
* I quit working as a Consultant (Jan 2018)
* I moved to Norway (Feb 2018)
* I started working as a Data scientist in Telecom (Feb 2018)
* I got a PhD scholarship (Beginning aug 1st 2018) (Apr 2018)
* I completed the Deeplearning specialization at Coursera (May 2018)
* I started consulting (Jun 2018)

So, a lot of stuff have happened.

Especially in the spring of 2018 I have done some pretty cool deep learning projects;
Neural-style transfer with video & Music generation with Deep learning.

And instead of just keeping them for myself on my laptop, I will do some blog posts about them.
I’m not sure whether it will be a tutorial, or just a very high-level overview; both approaches has their benefits.

Untill later,


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